This season, menswear designers emphasized comfort and utility. You don't necessarily have to abandon your basic wardrobe or the leather brogues you purchased last season because of this trend. The new trends just define the path that fashion will take.

7 Trending Popular Styles Of Men's Shoes

White Sneakers:

White sneakers appear to be erratic footwear, and they are difficult to dress with. However, the appeal of white sneakers is that there is no need to select an appropriate outfit because, in the words of the designers, this shoe goes well with everything casual, from jeans to business attire.

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Hiking Boots In A Vintage Design:

One of the new solutions for the new season is these thick shoes with large laces. It's crucial that they don't appear contemporary. These boots appear to have been worn by your father while he was participating in a routine march. What you need to enter the fashion world is the marriage of romance and retro fashion. 

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Sports-Inspired Retro Shoes:

The perfect general footwear for men is a pair of low-top sneakers in neutral hues (light, dark, beige, grey, khaki), devoid of needless modern unique components. The best and probably most popular combination among designers in 2019 is that of vintage shoes with jeans, a plaid shirt, a hoodie, and a cap. 

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Shoes With Brightly Coloured Soles:

Contrast is not just about colour; it also refers to the material and the sole's shape. However, stylists caution that because of their attention-getting nature, these shoes call for a restricted and straightforward styling approach. Otherwise, there will be too many brilliant elements in the image.

Shoes With Thick Corrugated Sole:

Military-inspired footwear remains in style for several seasons. The newest shoes and brogues have corrugated soles with thick rubber protection, similar to those on army boots.

Boots With Sewn Toes:

Moccasins are once again in style. The shoes featured in the majority of the fashion collections this year have their distinctive sock pattern with a visible seam. If you're unsure of what shoes or boots to wear, opt for the "moccasin" choice instead. It's now very trendy.

Shoes With Broad Straps:

For this season, rugged trekking or fashionable urban sandals for men in classic or vibrant colours like neon are a must-have. They can be made of genuine leather or with nylon straps. They go well with both office attire and shorts and chinos. Designers also pair these sandals with socks. What was once thought to be strange now becomes fashionable. You can choose to adopt this trend or not.

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