You'll need a nice pair of HIIT shoes if you routinely attend exercise classes or perform HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts. Your performance will improve and your training shoes will be better suited to the demands of your exercises if you choose the proper pair of training shoes.

However, I make a sub-category for these training shoes because they work incredibly well for HIIT training and HIIT workouts. I have put every pair of training shoes on this list to the test in a variety of HIIT exercises. Check out my top selections for the best HIIT shoes on the market if you're looking for the best HIIT footwear. For affordable options use the York Athletics Promo Code at training shoes shopping.

Nike Free Metcon 4

For classes, HIIT workouts, quick runs, and light lifting, the Nike Free Metcon 4 is a fantastic choice. This shoe has Nike Free tech, which I love for HIIT workouts, running the entire length of the sole.

This feature makes the forefoot and midfoot of this model feel very maneuverable. Additionally, the upper of this shoe is made of breathable chainlink mesh.

Reebok Nano X2

A good shoe for tackling HIIT workouts and lifting sessions is the Reebok Nano X2. This model resembles the Reebok Nano X1, but it differs significantly from earlier Nano models like the Reebok Nano X, which sparked controversy in the CrossFit community.

The Reebok Nano X2 for men is my favorite model because it is made a little bit wider than other cross-training shoes. They, therefore, fit the majority of men's foot anatomy and the typical forefoot widths needed for comfort and performance.

UA HOVR Rise 4

The UA HOVR Rise 3 is a reliable shoe for those who focus on HIIT and classes. For three main reasons, I believe that this shoe is particularly effective in the context of exercise classes.

First of all, this model's UA HOVR midsole gives the shoe a cozy and responsive feel. When performing plyometric exercises, agility drills, and HIIT-style exercises, this shoe provides a nice level of "pop."

Second, the shoe's TriBase outsole provides an excellent training platform and effectively supports balance when performing single-leg exercises. When UA incorporates this feature into their training shoes, I'm always pleased because it is great for multi-directional work.

Altra Solstice XT 2

The Altra Solstice XT 2 is an extremely underrated running shoe and a great option for people with wider feet. This model features Altra's distinctive FootshapeTM construction, just like other Altra running and training shoes. Reebok Promo Code has also a wide range of training shoes for everyone. 

This characteristic is a trademark of Altra, and it's essentially their final construction that aims to imitate the human foot. In essence, the toe box is much wider than those of other training shoes and doesn't have a sharp taper. Altra's Balanced Cushioning and Innerflex grooves, two features that support a more "natural" foot positioning and movement, are also included in this model.

Inov-8 F-Lite G 300

My top choice for the best HIIT shoe for high arches is the Inov-8 F-Lite G 300. The Inov-8 F-Lite G 300 is a cross-training shoe that is sometimes overlooked, but it shouldn't be.

The EVA foam midsole of this shoe performs admirably for heavy lifting while also being responsive enough for HIIT exercises and explosive training. I like to classify the Inov-8 F-Lite G 300 as a "athletic-style" shoe because it performs admirably in a variety of training situations. I like how the lightweight knit and mesh upper of this shoe hugs and secures the foot, as well as its bootie-style design. This "locked-down" feeling is also supported by the TPU midfoot cage, which also increases the overall durability of the shoe.

Nike Metcon 8

My top choice for the best shoe for HIIT workouts that also supports high arches is the Nike Metcon 8. Even though the Nike Metcon 8 isn't just for HIIT, I wanted to include it because of its nice, broad range of versatility. I really enjoy that you can use the Nike Metcon 8 for CrossFit and functional fitness while lifting heavy weights while wearing them. The Nike Metcon 8 should work really well for you if you enjoy incorporating HIIT workouts into your strength and power training on a weekly basis.

On Cloud X 

Strong cross-training shoes for HIIT workouts and light running include the On Cloud X. The responsive CloudTec midsole in this model offers a pleasant bounce when jumping and running at various speeds. Both of these activities benefit from the model's upper's good ventilation and lightweight. The upper of this shoe is very well-breathable and never feels too warm on the feet. This adds to the functionality of the shoe and keeps the feet cool in hotter training environments and during daily wear, which is why I like it. This model's responsive CloudTec midsole offers a comfortable ride for both indoor and outdoor running.

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